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Imperial Woderland Hotel - "‬Orvot‭"

September 2023

Duo exhibition - Shahar Tal, Nurit Tal

‭"‬Orvot‭" (‬Lady-Crows‭) ‬is a duo exhibition that I co-created with my mother‭. ‬The exhibition emerged from six months of collaborative work and is currently on display at the Imperial Hotel in Tel Aviv‭. ‬The exhibition space is themed around crows‭, ‬and it is inspired by the line from Shakespeare's Macbeth‭: "‬Fair is foul‭, ‬and foul is fair‭...; ‬A day I have not seen‭."‬

Curator‭ - ‬Yaara Sachs‭

Media - Pottery, Wall Painting, Fabric & Sawing

Termnial exhibition‭, ‬Outline festival

July 2019

Group exhibition

Crows are often referred to as 'takers,' and that's why I've depicted a situation where it's unclear whether the items belong to the crow or if they have been stolen. In this artwork, the crow exhibits a human-like behavior.

Curator‭ - ‬Naama Lahav

Media - Digital Illustration


April 2019

Group exhibition

The moment immediately after submitting all assignments: the sensation of relief and confusion as the pressure begins to dissipate.

Curator‭ - ‬Shimi Dvir‭ - ‬deadline blog

Media - Digital Illustration


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