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Illustration & Posters

My illustrations predominantly feature animals, particularly birds, either depicted individually or in combination with other imagery.

Birds serve as a major source of inspiration for me.


Pigeons, symbolizing freedom, peace, and evolution, hold a special place in my creative process. On the other hand, crows embody themes of death and sophistication. Despite the general aversion many people have towards crows, I personally find them admirable and intriguing.

In my illustrations, the significance of an object is determined by its symbolism rather than its actual size. This allows me to convey deeper meanings through the relative proportions within my artwork.

To bring my illustrations to life, I employ various techniques such as black pens, dip pens, and vibrant digital illustrations influenced by the aesthetics of linocut prints.

Rather than adhering to a single style, I take pleasure in exploring diverse artistic approaches and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. This continuous exploration allows me to expand my artistic horizons and constantly evolve as an illustrator.

Tools - procreate, Illustrator, pen, fountain pen, watercolor...

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