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Made for Me

Playing with brands

My Role

Creative, Designer, Concept and Layout


Landing Page,Swag, Marketing Campaign


Illustrator, Figma, procreate

Wiz - Conference Campaign

Design, Illustrations and Infographics

Developing a comprehensive campaign for a conference booth and presentation, drawing inspiration from Wiz's visual language. Opting for a magical secret agent theme, I created a Swag kit tailored to assist developers, along with a captivating presentation for the speaker and eye-catching advertising posts for social media platforms.

Perimeter 81

Web design

Creating visual language for a landing page with a given layout. I defined the target audience and create illustrations and color palette.


White paper campaign

White paper designing. In addition to designing the white paper, I designed banners for both social media platforms and the header of the landing page where the paper would be downloaded from. 

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