Branding, Concept, Animation, Classic Animation, Design, Style-frames, Storyboard Direction, Font design and Editing.

Tools: AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Glyphs.

About this project: Lee Miller was a surrealist artist and a photographer who lived in the 20's. She was Man Ray's partner and also took pictures for Vogue magazine during WWII. Nevertheless, she, similar to other great women, have been forgotten. To raise awareness about this great woman, I've created a branding, featurette and openings for a fictional drama feature about her life and work. I hope this project will encourage studios to produce more features about her and other forgotten successful women.

This project combines Miller's original artworks.

Made as a final school project.

Mentoring: Gili Comforty.
Special thanks: Elad Sonego, for being my second mentor, and Ben Nathan font creative mentor

This is the opening for the first part of the feature. It shows the first steps of Miller as an artist and a photographer- from New York, Paris and Cairo.


This is the opening for the second part of the feature. It shows Miller's feminine and surrealist perspective about WWII.


Featurette - OUTSTANDING Lee Miller

Featurette is "behind the sence" of a feature. The creator and the actors talking about the feature, its characters, agenda, etc.