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Home Assignments

Role  - Creative, Designer, Concept and Layout

Wiz, Joonko, Checkmarx, Riverside

This section highlights three home assignments that I thoroughly enjoyed working on and take great pride in their outcomes. These assignments provided me with an opportunity to showcase my skills and creativity, allowing me to deliver exceptional results.

​Media - Landing Page, Marketing Campaign, Swag

Tools - Illustrator, Figma, AfterEffects

Wiz - Conference Campaign

I was tasked with developing a comprehensive campaign for a conference booth and presentation, drawing inspiration from Wiz's visual language. Opting for a magical secret agent theme, I created a Swag kit tailored to assist developers, along with a captivating presentation for the speaker and eye-catching advertising posts for social media platforms.

Joonko - Women's Day

I was tasked with creating an infographic highlighting gender gaps for a Women's Day campaign targeted towards HR professionals. The infographic was designed not only to highlight gender gaps but also to ensure its easy disassembly for seamless integration into presentations, empowering HR professionals to share and raise awareness about gender disparities. In addition, I was responsible for creating a dedicated landing page where users could download it. To drive traffic to the landing page, I designed impactful social media ads that directed interested individuals to access the infographic. This comprehensive approach aimed to raise awareness about gender disparities and empower HR professionals to take action.

Checkmarx - White paper campaign

I was given the task of designing a white paper titled "The Power of Modern Application Security." In addition to designing the white paper, I was also responsible for designing banners for both social media platforms and the header of the landing page where the paper would be downloaded from. By crafting engaging visual elements, such as the banners and header, I aimed to attract attention and generate interest in the white paper, effectively conveying the importance and benefits of modern application security.

Riverside - Marketing Campaign 

I was tasked with creating a compelling landing page to promote Riverside's product, accompanied by the design of three captivating social media ads that would direct users to this landing page. The landing page was thoughtfully designed for both desktop and mobile users, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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