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Lemonade - Pet Insurance Marketing Campaign 

Role  - Creative, Designer, Concept and Layout

Made with Lemonade Inc

The Audience -  pet owners

Pain Points - Unlike home and car insurance, customers often fail to comprehend the importance of pet insurance. Insufficient information is available to clarify the value of this insurance.

Our Goal - enhance customer awareness and understanding of pet insurance by providing comprehensive education and valuable information.

​Media - Landing Page, Marketing Campaign

Tools - Illustrator, Figma

Testimonials Posts

Recognizing the immense success of customer testimonials on our website, we decided to leverage their impact further by incorporating them into our social media strategy. By featuring testimonials about the benefits of pet insurance in our social media posts, we aimed to amplify the reach and engagement of these authentic stories.

Landing Page

My approach was guided by two primary considerations:
1. Mobile-first approach: Recognizing that 75% of our users access our website via mobile devices, I prioritized optimizing the user experience for mobile screens.
2. Addressing the false bottom issue: To overcome the problem of a false buttom header, I implemented a cross-section illustration that visually indicated to users that they can continue scrolling for additional content.

Designed Email

I had the opportunity to design the first designed email, which presented a challenge related to dark mode compatibility. Despite initially struggling to find a programmatic solution, I took it upon myself to develop an illustrative design that seamlessly adapted to both dark and light modes.

Testimonial Email

We specifically designed a dedicated testimonial email for "abandoned quotes" - individuals who initiated the process of purchasing pet insurance but did not complete it. By featuring customer testimonials in this email, we aimed to reconnect with these potential customers and provide them with social proof regarding the benefits of pet insurance.

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