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Lee Miller

Role  - Creative, design, photographer,

Graduation project 

Lee Miller, a surrealist artist, and photographer active in the 1920s, made significant contributions to Vogue magazine during WWII. However, like many other remarkable women, her legacy has been largely forgotten. In order to shed light on this extraordinary figure, I undertook the task of developing branding elements, a featurette, and opening sequences for a fictional drama that would explore her life and artistic journey. Through this creative endeavor, I aimed to raise awareness about Lee Miller and ensure her inspiring story and remarkable body of work receive the recognition they deserve.

​Media - Video, Animation, Branding

Tools - AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Glyphs

This is the opening for the second part of the feature. It shows Miller's feminine and surrealist perspective about WWII.

This is the opening for the first part of the feature. It shows the first steps of Miller as an artist and a photographer- from New York, Paris and Cairo.

Featurette - OUTSTANDING Lee Miller

Featurette is "behind the sence" of a feature. The creator and the actors talking about the feature, its characters, agenda, etc.