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Environmental Project  Cigarette butts protest

Role  - Branding, Concept, Animation, Design, Style-frames.

School project 

As part of the "Hanivharot" Leadership Program for female students, I collaborated with an industrial designer colleague to undertake an environmental project focused on raising awareness about the pollution caused by cigarette butts. Our goal was to encourage individuals to refrain from discarding cigarette butts on the streets and instead dispose of them properly in the garbage. To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive campaign that encompassed various visual media such as posters, Instagram teasers, and stickers. Additionally, we introduced two types of containers to facilitate proper disposal: an installation container that showcased 19 liters of collected cigarette butts and an empty tube specifically designed for cigarette butt disposal. Through this initiative, we aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and promote positive environmental practices among the public.

​Media - Facebook, Instagram, Posters, Animation

Tools - AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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