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Environmental Project  Cigarette butts protest

Role  - Branding, Concept, Animation, Design, Style-frames.

School project 

Give back project made as part of “Hanivharot” - Leadership Program for female students. An environmental project to raise the awareness for the pollution that the cigarette butts have made. The project calls to stop throwing them away on the streets, and just put them in the garbage. This project was a collaboration between me, graphic designer, and a colleague, industrial designer. We created a campaign that contains visual media like posters, instagram teasers, stickers, etc. which call people to throw their cigarette's butts, and 2 kind of containers. the first one was an installation and contained 19 liters of cigarette's butts that we collected, and the second kind was an empty tube to throw the cigarette's butts into.

​Media - Facebook, Instagram, Posters, Animation

Tools - AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator.

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