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Creative Marketing Designer, specializing in Concept Development, Image Making, and Storytelling. 


Pet Insurance Marketing Campaigns - LP pages, Posts, Emails
Web Design, Marketing, Branding, Lead Designer


Blog Infographics, Illustration
Web Design, Blog, Marketing, Branding, Lead Designer


Social Media Campaign - Motion, Carousel Posts, Brand Book Expanding
Web Design, Marketing, Branding, Motion

About Me

Shahar Tal AKA ST

I am a Creative Marketing Designer specializing in Concept Development, Image Making, and Storytelling. Proficient in Figma and the Adobe Suite, from Illustrator to After Effects, I bring a versatile skill set to the table. My superpower lies in connecting with individuals in my workplace, both locally and abroad.

As a marketing designer, I often collaborate with Growth and Product Design teams, as well as other key stakeholders such as Marketing Specialists, PPC experts, Content Writers, CRM professionals, and Data Analysts.

In my free time ו love to collaborate with musicians, create my art  and cook (you should try my ravioli and pistachio cake).

Playing with brands

Web Design, Marketing, Branding, Conference Campaign


Email and Marketing Campaigns Posts, Emails
Social Media Campaign, Marketing, Animation

Anat Moshkovski

Music EP Graphic Packaging
Image Making, EP Design, Social Media Campaign

Neshot Ha'Miluimnikim

Social Community Branding
Branding, Image Making

Lee Miller

Branding, Animation, Creative direction
Branding, Font Design, Animation, Film

Environmental Project

Campaign Branding, Concept, Illustrations, GIFs
Brand Design, Social Media Campaign, Installation
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